The 10 Highest Rated Campgrounds in the US

By Jack Yang / February 13, 2018

Should you choose to go on a camping road trip in The United States, you will have over 20,000 campgrounds to choose from. Planning a road trip starts with finding and reserving campgrounds for your vacation. By having a few campgrounds in mind, you will be able to enjoy your trip and explore new environments.

The Adirondack Lakes Campsites

When you are looking for a camping in Saranac Lakes, you will find several pristine and stunning campgrounds. The upstate New York campgrounds are part of a chain of islands in the lakes. Although you have several different campsites and campgrounds to explore, you will have the same benefits at the campgrounds. The lakes have stunning surroundings, kayaking and other water activities available for your visit.

The Oz Farm

Do you want something cozy and unique? The Oz Farm in California is a stunning option for your trip. The 230-acre campsite has beautiful meadows, redwood trees and fun rivers that pass through the area. You can get away and enjoy nature in a friendly and serene environment that makes you feel at home.

The Watchman Campground

For an adventure in Utah, consider staying at the Watchman Campground. When you are camping in Zion, you have access to amazing geological formations and stunning outdoor views.

Boyd’s Key West Campground

If you are planning a RV trip, then you want a campground that gives you space for your RV. At Boyd’s Key West Campground in Florida, you have access to modern conveniences, like a pool, while also giving you a chance to explore the beautiful nature in Florida. It is also close to Key West, which allows you to enjoy the downtown environment.

Horse Thief Lake Campground

Do you want to get away without the conveniences of a modern lifestyle? The Horse Thief Lake campground is the rustic outdoor experience to fit your plan. The campground offers a rustic outdoor experience in South Dakota while still giving access to Mount Rushmore and other tourist hot-spots within a short drive.

The Pecan Park Campground

Are you thinking of camping in San Antonio or Austin, Texas? If you are unsure about your Texas destination, then consider the Pecan Park Campground in San Marcos. The beautiful campground is set among pecan trees and is close to the San Marcos River. You can enjoy water activities or try hiking through the trees.

The Rivers Edge RV Park

Planning a trip in rustic and beautiful Alaska inevitably starts near the large urban centers. When you are camping in Fairbanks, you want to consider the Rivers Edge RV Park. The campsite provides enough space to spread out from other campers and has a network of hiking trails and bike paths. It also has access to nearby attractions.

The Shady Dell RV Park

Do you want to take a visit to a different era? The Shady Dell RV Park in Bisbee, Arizona is the place to camp when you want to enjoy something nostalgic or vintage during your trip. The RV park has restored vintage RVs for visitors to stay in during their camping trip.

Malaekahana Beach Campground

Planning a camping trip in Hawaii requires a beautiful space that takes advantage of the ocean. The Maleakahana Beach Campground is a stunning slice of paradise where you will fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean. Due to the location, you will have access to surfing, scuba diving and other water activities at the beach.

Flood’s Cove Campground

Maine is a beautiful state with amazing outdoor activities. When you are planning a camping trip through Maine, you want to stay at Flood’s Cove. The secluded campground gives you space to explore while also giving you a break from the busy modern lifestyle.

The best campgrounds in the U.S. depend on your preferences and style. You can find rustic and old-fashioned campgrounds or modern options that give you access to local amenities. By focusing on campgrounds that fit your plans, you will enjoy your road trip.

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