5 Great Ways To Pass the Time On A Long Layover

By Jack Yang / September 19, 2017
airport stopover

Although travel is good for the soul, there’s nothing worse than a long stopover in an airport. They can be tiring, stressful and often quite boring. Let’s not forget those awful times when flights are delayed!

Keep your spirits up with this list of fun things to do during a stopover.

1. Download Your Favorite Movies For A Long Stopover

If you know you’re facing into a long stopover, try to download your favorite movies and TV shows before starting your journey. You’ll find plenty of choice on the likes of the Apple Store or Amazon Prime, which allow users to store the latest films and series for offline viewing.

If the airport you’re stopping over at has a good Wi-Fi connection, the list is endless. Use streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube to find entertainment for every occasion.

2. Discover A New City During A Stopover

Although stopovers can be frustrating, they often are a great opportunity to explore new locations! If your stopover is more than 12 hours, you should definitely consider leaving the airport for a bit of sightseeing – especially while in Asia!

Some of the best holiday destinations are the ones that are unexpected. You never know what you might find in an otherwise unknown city.

Use platforms like Airbnb to find affordable accommodation, check your luggage in at the airport in advance and enjoy everything this destination has to offer.

What’s even better, if you have a long layover, many airlines offer free hotel vouchers, meaning you don’t have to pay for accommodation. What’s better than that!?

3. Chat To Your Fellow Travelers

A shared journey is always a great way to bond with other people. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with the person next to you – not all strangers are bad!

Telling stories, playing games and eating meals with someone you don’t know can work wonders for your mental wellbeing. Indeed, there are numerous benefits to talking to strangers.

You might make a great friend by the time you board your plane, or have a wonderful experience with a like-minded soul.

4. Stay Active By Walking Around

Some airports cover a massive space – the biggest airport in the world is an amazing 78,000 hectares! This means that there is plenty of space where you can explore and walk around during a long stopover.

Light exercise like walking at a moderate pace can calm your mind and body. This is especially important when traveling, when stressful situations can materialize quickly.

5. Train Your Brain With Puzzles

Being active isn’t just about pushing yourself physically. You should also keep your brain engaged with puzzles like crosswords and Sudoku when faced with a stopover.

They might seem simple, but these old-fashioned puzzles can help hone your mental skills and calm you down.

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