6 Shows in London We’d Like to See

By Jack Yang / April 2, 2019

London London is one of the best cities in the world for a romantic date night. With world class restaurants and an incredible theater scene, dinner and a show makes for the perfect London evening. The only problem is narrowing down the choices.

Theater is taken seriously in London and the city is always filled with great show options. Our ever growing list of shows we’d love to see has a bit of everything – from romance to horror. So, what do you think we should see next?

Mary Poppins at Prince Edward Theatre

A show sure to bring back childhood memories, Mary Poppins the musical is back in London’s West End for 2019.

There is no better place in the world to catch the stage adaption of Mary Poppins. The story, set in London, brings to life the world famous nanny and her great cast of friends. From singing with chimney sweeps to dancing down the Edwardian age streets of London, I can’t wait to be drawn into the magic of Mary Poppins.

A German Life at Bridge Theatre

This dramatic one-woman play tells the real life story of Brunhilde Pomsel. Ms. Pomsel served as the secretary of notorious Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany. A German Life is on our list of shows to see for one reason though – Maggie Smith.

Maggie Smith, one of the world’s best actresses and a personal favorite of mine, takes the lead role as Ms. Pomsel. At 84, some people suggest that this might be one of Maggie Smith’s last stage performances so it really shouldn’t be missed.

The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre

Since this is suppose to be a list of date night shows we’d love to see, it’s about time to add a romance, even if it is a bit tragic.

The Phantom of the Opera combines all the best of a theater performance – an amazing musical score, beautiful sets, and great special effects. The story might be a classic but at the beautiful Her Majesty’s Theatre, the show is sure to take on another level of mystery and romance.

Les Misérables at Queen’s Theatre

For another classic musical experience, we have added Les Misérables to our list of London shows.

It has romance and tragedy, great fight scenes and an incredible, award-winning score. The characters – from ex-convict Jean Valjean to lovable Cosette to tragic Fantine – are all unforgettable.

If you want to catch the show, do so before the Queen’s Theatre closes for refurbishment in July.

Jack the Ripper: The Women of Whitechapel’ at the London Coliseum

One of London’s most notorious villains, Jack the Ripper is not actually the focus of this show. Rather, the story centers on Jack’s unfortunate victims – the women of Whitechapel.

Little is known about the women themselves, other than their names and the details of their tragic deaths. As such, the show instead paints a picture of life for the women of Whitechapel, London in the infamous year of 1888.

& Juliet at Shaftesbury Theatre

For a musical with a bit more “pop,” we had to add & Juliet to our list. The musical is a spin on the classic ‘Romeo & Juliet’, featuring the music of Max Martin.

The name might not ring a bell but his music will. Martin has helped write 22 Billboard Hot 100 number-one hits. A few you’ll hear in the show are ‘…Baby One More Time’, ‘Love Me Like You Do’ and ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’.

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