About Us


You can call it luck, fate, coincidence, a sign… Whatever you like to call it, our stories started separately before merging into one beautiful experience. Before our paths crossed, we were both just random individuals, traveling the world, visiting historical monuments and ruins, imagining how those landscapes looked like centuries ago, in the midst of great battles and moments that decided the path history will take. Then, Beijing happened. Completely unexpected and sudden, but the best thing about it all? It felt right. While we were out in the world, trying to experience it with all our senses, without knowing what exactly we are looking for, we found ourselves. We found each other.

Our love story starts in Beijing where we met one rainy day whilst exploring the magical city. Two months later, we dropped everything, quit our jobs and went to travel the world together. We are both big history nerds and love to geek out by playing stupid historical guessing games together… We are China Geeks! Travel the world with us as we history-our-way around the world!